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August 20, 2019 nice guys

2019 Somali Week Presented by Amazon

Somali independence day has grown to be the biggest Somali event in all of Minnesota. It has gotten so big, it is drawing sponsorships from major tech companies. This year, Amazon saw it fit to be a main sponsor of the event. Such growth and attention can be partially credited to the work Nice Guys has been doing for the good people over and Kajoog and the Somali Week organizing committee. Since 2016, when we took over and upgraded the website for Somali week, we have continuously work with then to formulate strategic plans to better reach and engage with the population on Minneapolis and Minnesota at large, online and offline as well.


From flyers, strategic planning, social media management and search engine optimization, we work with Somali Week to carefully create content that vibes with the Somali community. This has gone a long way to improve the number of people that show up at the Somali Independence day event.


In 2019, barely 2 weeks into the SID event, a mistake by an inter at Kajoog had spewed online. The date on which the actual 2019 event was to be held was listed wrong on google due google pulling information from This let to many people and sponsors wondering if the event was on the 29th or the 30th. At his point, Nice Guys had to step in and fix right away through schema markups and of course customize ads. This went a long way to ensure that everyone showed up at the right time and on the right day, in other words, it ensured a successful event. Yeah I know, we caption this SEO SAVE LIVES, however we didn’t really mean like an EMT would. We just meant, we did some pretty incredible things to have everyone be properly informed on when and where to be for the 2019 Somali Independence Day. Things that business owners or interns should not really try to do by themselves. The people came and celebrated, the organizers were happy, the sponsors and the main presenter sponsor, Amazon was happy too.

What Next

We are continuously working with the good people over at Kajoog and Somali to provide solutions that will increase their presence online as well as ensure that simple SEO mistakes do not show up. We also handle their graphic design, web development, design, security and maintenance, their social media management, as well as other aspects of Marketing. At Nice Guys our work stops when our client’s clients are happy. We often joke in house that if we do not add any value to our clients, then they do not need us. Actualizing their imaginations is our only goal. Book us today.

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