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August 18, 2018
August 18, 2018 nice guys

A book launch that withstood the storm.

Picture a first time author throwing a book lunch event in the middle of a snow storm, in the month of February in the state of Minnesota. Records were set, no doubt, not just by the weather which proved to be the most snow Minnesota has ever seen, but by also by the number of people that attended the launch of Power: it’s variance and ambivalence by Dr. Vanjelis Ngwa. Hundreds of people, drove through the snow storm to listen to Dr. Van speak, buy his book directly from him and get it autographed. You may ask why so much struggle to meet and greet a local writer? Because the Marketing was perfect, the presented was top-notched and the collaboration between Nice Guys Corporation and Collisa group was special and impeccable.

Passion pushes dreams,
dreams leads to performance,
performance leads to success!

When Dr. Van first approached us about launching a book. We did not hope to it would be off this magnitude. We collective set goals and got to work. Through a series of strategically planned marketing campaigns we shot out through social media, emails and search engines, we were able to surpass our goals by a whooping 300%. The first of our campaigns was a well thought concept for event flyer, one that officialy position Dr. Van as a decorated Author, even if he was still to be one.


At Nice Guys we use unconditional ways to market our clients. We believe the most effective way to tell their stories is to tell them with their audience a part of it. That way if they can relate to their stories, then they for certain will buy their goods and or services. And that is why we choose to protray Dr. Van in his official flyer for his book launch as an already accomplished author. His audience connected with it already, and people who were not familiar with his work wanted in on the goods right away. At Nice Guys, we go over and beyond to present our clients in ways that portray them as what they intend to be, then go ahead to make them be just that. We are nice with with everything!

The Book Launch Event

Over 400 people showed up to a beautiful decorated event by the exquisite folks at the Lavish Lab . We only marketed and planned for 100 people, hence when this population showed up despite the heaver snowstorm, we knew we had done our work. It was the beginning for not only Dr. Van as an authur but for us as a leader in marketing new and published authors and entrepreneurs at ground breaking or prominence levels. Since then, we have gone ahead to work with hundreds of other individuals to achieve similar goals. Nice Guys Corporation is the company you want to work for you.

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